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When is the best time to sell my home?

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“When is the best time to sell my home?” is one of the most common questions that I hear.  I hear from potential clients, people in the grocery store line and pretty much everywhere that the “time to sell” is in the Summer time.  It’s a common myth because, let’s face it, someone else has told them that whether it’s their parents, neighbor or a part-time agent that doesn’t know any better.

Sure the Summer time is convenient to sell your home because you don’t have the schedules of schools and sporting activities but you also don’t have the luxury of competing against very few houses.   What homeowners don’t realize is that in the Summer time, you’re competing with all the homeowners who find it a convenient time to sell or who are also misinformed that think it’s the best time to sell.

I am letting you in on a little-known secret, the first and last quarter of each year is the prime time to make top dollar on your home.  There are several factors that play into this but here are the main ones: Relocation buyers, less competition and historically low-interest rates during these times of the year compared with Q2 & Q3.

Relocation buyers are often moving in the last and first quarter of the year as employers tend to bring on new employees then.  Often times, because they aren’t local and are also busy coordinating other details of their move, relocation buyers don’t have the luxury of time to look or time to haggle.  This poises the homeowner to be in a better position for negotiating and also for the potential buyer to stop viewing other homes after they find a home that could be “the one” because quite frankly, relocation buyers are exhausted.  They have a lot on their plate and while purchasing a home is important to them, they’re more willing to pay a little more for it to ease the headache of the purchase.

Another factor that plays into this is that there is little competition.  Unless people have to sell, fewer homes are listed during the last and first quarter of the year.  This means that the buyers that are ready to purchase have fewer choices to choose from.  The relocation buyers will, of course, find something and purchase it but there is a pent-up buyer demand in our market so there are schools of buyers that are sitting back, waiting for the right home to come on the market so they can jump on it.  Because these buyers often times are in temporary housing or in their current home, they’re also more flexible in terms of closing date to allow you enough time to find a new home as well.  This is where the agent that you choose comes into play.  You want someone who is truly your advocate for what’s in your best interest, not what’s in their best interest of a sooner pay-day.  A great agent will negotiate hard for you on the items that matter most to you and a large part of that is the time you will need to get set-up with your new home.

The cherry on the sundae for both the buyer of your home and your new purchase are the interest rates.  They’re currently at historically low numbers which is exciting.  But also because, more homes are listed thus attracting additional buyers to the market, the Fed appears to raise the interest rates in the Spring and Summer over the Fall and Winter.  This helps you afford more home when you purchase and also attracts more buyers to your home.

If you’re thinking about selling your home and would like to find out how much it’s worth, send me a message at  If you don’t live in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area, I belong to a network of the top agents around the country and world so I would be happy to recommend some agents in your area for you!  Just ask!

Sometimes life is about risking everything for a dream no one can see but you….


When my husband and I were dating, I wasn’t thinking about family life and holidays.  I wasn’t thinking about missed t-ball games, choir performances and birthday parties.  I was in college, working as a bartender and just trying to pave my way through college into the real world.  I had no intentions of settling down but alas, I lost at my own game and fell in love with my husband.  He had two kids from his previous marriage that were always going between his and his former wife’s houses so I didn’t realize the severity of his schedule on family life.

As we got married, had additional kids and the older ones got more involved with sports & extracurricular activities I quickly began realizing how this was not how I had imagined life as an adult.  We got to eat 1-2 dinners together per week, he had to miss pretty much all of the kid’s school performances and sports games.  We never got to go to church as a family as Sundays was a required work day. He always had to work every holiday: New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve as well as Christmas Day.  Never one for a pity party, we always volunteered to give back on Thanksgiving and Christmas.  It wasn’t the holiday tradition that I had in mind but it became a very important one to me and the kids during those years.  While it always felt good to give back to those in need, I always longed for a Christmas morning where we could wake up, open gifts, laugh, play and enjoy the company of our family.

For those of you asking, my husband was a restaurant General Manager.  It was all he had ever known and worked as after college.  Any time he would interview around, the company’s promise was always the same: “Quality time with your family is a must!” but then when he would talk with other managers, that wasn’t the reality they were living on a weekly basis.  So, we chugged on, making the best of it and being thankful that while his schedule was never ideal, he was really good at his job and had great job security.

In 2011, we relocated to Dallas/ Fort Worth to be closer to the older kids who had recently moved to Oklahoma City with their Mom.  When Rick put his resume out and spoke with recruiters, he had several interested companies.  We had worked really hard to get out of debt and so we had decided that upon moving here, he could take a substantial pay cut for the kind of company that truly promoted a quality life with family outside of work.   He did find one whose people stayed with the company for long lengths of time and the hours of the restaurants weren’t long.   They were dumbfounded on the pay cut he was okay with as he explained why it was so important for him to have that quality of life at home and that it wasn’t about the money.  They were excited to hire him and he was excited about the venture for a better home life too.  Off to  Texas we moved!

Within the first year, it became very apparent that the promises, were once again, empty.  The hours got longer, the demands higher and we saw him less and less.  During the first year, I was re-starting my real estate business in a city where I knew very few people without a Realtor.  Initially, I was just going to do real estate leisurely but with the business models, guidance and training from my Keller Williams brokerage, I quickly realized that I could quite possibly change things for us.

Don’t get me wrong, I did pretty well in Florida but that was also a culmination of being in real estate several years and knowing a lot of people.  Even as well as I did, I was no where near the income that my husband provided for our family.  None the less, I really started to see the light and also feel the fire of my passion ignite for what I really wanted for our family.  My husband had put us in a position for me not to have to work, to pick all 4 kids up from school each day and lead the “Mom” life as much as I wanted which I am so grateful for.  As much as I value those years, moments and memories with the kids, I wasn’t completely fulfilled because, you see, as I mentioned in the beginning, I was never planning on settling down. While being a Mom is by far the biggest blessing and privilege of my life, it wasn’t always what I wanted. I had always told my parents that I didn’t want kids, I wanted to move to New York City and be a big business woman.  Business & numbers has always been a passion of mine and while running a family is a small scale of that, I was beginning to get a taste of running a real company and I loved it.  I quickly and quietly started formulating goals, creating spreadsheets and plans to carry out my goals.

In 2013, I shared my goals with my husband.  He had seen the rise of my business, me running it like a true business and my personal growth from doing so.  I was really surprised that he wasn’t stunned.  I know that that’s because he didn’t have a limiting belief of what I could do and for that I am grateful.  He was caught off guard though, he didn’t want me to feel all the pressure that he had felt all of these years being the sole bread winner.  And while I understood that, I wasn’t going to let that stand in my way.  He would just have to deal with that while he was gearing up for whatever new career path he wanted.  He started researching that while I got to work on my plans to achieve my goal.

I am very proud to say that he left his career in June 2014.  I’m not going to lie, it was pretty scary.  I felt like I was running as fast as I could towards a cliff with my faith as my parachute.   Well, we jumped and God has most certainly given us wings to soar down this path together.  Rick decided to join me in real estate which I think was a great choice, naturally!

It has been a bumpy road, as it is when anyone starts real estate, but it’s been a good one. For the first time in 10 years, I got to enjoy the holiday season with my husband.  He was home on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  There are no words for how amazing this was.  The little kids may never have the memory of him always being gone, which is great.  The older ones do and now that they live in San Antonio, they don’t get the full benefit of their Dad being more available but they do get to talk with him more, see him more and he can go visit them for the weekend which are things that he has never been able to do since they’ve no longer lived in the same city as us.

This adventure is just beginning, I know.  However, I am so incredibly grateful to provide this opportunity for my family.  There is so much more that goes along with this but I wanted to share the journey to this point because every day I am so grateful for it.  People see that I am successful and they’re generally happy for me but there’s also a huge struggle to be successful, it doesn’t come easy and it doesn’t come without sacrifice.  Those that have never struggled down a path to success don’t get it and other people’s success looks easy to them or like “luck”.  Please know that I have had a lot of struggles and obstacles but I choose to overcome because they are never bigger than my dream.  And I am so grateful for God who takes care of the things that I can’t and whose love inspires me daily to be better than I was the day before for my husband, kids, clients and team members.


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