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Nothing for everything…

I sometimes start a blog post by reviewing famous quotes to help me pinpoint the focus of my blog.  I tried that tonight but nothing “spoke” to me.  My mind is kind of all over the place.  I have thought of a lot of blog posts lately but I just have not had a chance to stop and write anything out.

I feel like I am running as fast as humanly possible with a parachute on my back towards an unforgiving cliff with a depth that no man alone could survive without a leap of faith and a working parachute.

Today is the last day of an era of normality for my family.  It is the last day of everything we have known as stability for our finances, as a provider of our health insurance and the last day for the reason we have missed so very many precious moments as a family.

Today is the last day for my husband to work in the same position he’s been in for several years as the bread winner and sole provider of our family.  We could not be more thrilled or scared to death.  All of these years, he has worked extremely long hours, week in and week out, missing out on every holiday (all the companies he has ever worked for are open 365 per year with all managers required to work on holidays) every year with his family.  Now, I am not having a pity party here.  We always made the best of it, often volunteering as a family to do good things in our community for families that were less fortunate than us on holidays because, after all, he had a job, something more than others had and we have never let our plight become our martyr.  With that being said, we’ve also always longed for the ability to attend church together as a family (he was always required to work Sundays), be a part of a small group within our church, attend the kid’s sporting events as a family and just see each other.  It is interesting that God set this wheel in motion long before it ever occurred to us.

I have been blessed enough to stay home with our youngest kids when they were infants.  I was able to utilize my real estate license to create “extra” income when they were young, having that evolve into a full-time career over the years.  I never dreamt of real estate being what it is for me today.  Before I met my husband, I dreamt of being a high-level CEO of a phenomenal company in a big city where I would do amazing things.  Cue my husband, already having two kids and sweeping me off my feet, ultimately into marriage with him followed by two more blessings for a total of four amazing small humans we call our family.  Today, I have grown my business to employ a full-time assistant with the anticipation of hiring two additional team members before the year is over.  Who knew that real estate would be the true career that I would be able to build and run like a true business to not only fulfill my desire and passion for business but also to be able to help people achieve their goals through real estate?! 

Over the years we have talked about different career vehicles that could afford us the luxury of seeing each other more in a normal setting and in normal hours.  We had not exactly nailed that down until last year.  Joining Keller Williams was so much more of a blessing than anyone could have ever tried to convey to me.  With the tools, business model and coaching, Keller Williams help me set into motion the potential that was already within me.  I had a great first year in the Dallas/ Fort Worth market after relocating and was then able to triple my business in my second year.   I am pulling out all of the stops to double that this year.  With this opportunity, we are choosing to capitalize on it.  My husband is our team’s newest asset.  Today is his last day at his job and tomorrow marks the first day of the rest of our lives together as co-owners of our business.  He has run several multi-million dollar profit units in his career and has a full understanding of P&L’s, bottom lines, profit margins and all things businesses.  He has always also been in the “people business” and has an uncanny ability to relate and identify with people.  With those two principals and the absolutely outstanding education that Keller Williams offers, we are going to be able to finally…. well, there’s a lot we will finally be able to do together.  We can attend the kid’s sporting events together, eat dinner together during the week, go to church together, get involved in things together, be more present more often for our children, have time to invest in each other as husband and wife and as parents to four amazing kids just to name a few.

I know that the parachute on my back is God and all of my faith is in him.  I am running full speed ahead and yet I have never been so nervous yet still so calm.  Here goes nothing….for everything we’ve ever wanted for our family. 


Faith makes things possible, not easy. ~Author Unknown




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