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Count your many blessings.


It has been an incredible first quarter of 2014! I set some pretty steep goals for myself and my business this year. For those of you that know me personally, you know that if I set my mind to something, it will get done. However, sometimes I still surprise myself. I have been so blessed to call this year, so far, one of those things. Let’s not get crazy here, I haven’t reached my yearly goals in the first quarter or anything but I am on track to reach my yearly goal! That is very exciting. Some days I stop for just a moment to take in the fact that I am really “doing it”. (My brain goes back and forth between LL Cool J and Art Williams anytime I say “Just Do It” Judge me as you may.  Somehow Nike doesn’t make it to my brain, I don’t know where their marketing failed me. If you don’t get these references, I am posting them for you below.) Some times I feel like a kid dressed in a grown up’s business suit so it’s an amazing idea to sit back for literally, a moment in time, to think “Wow! I am really, really doing this!”.

God has blessed me way more than I deserve by simply gracing me to be a Mom. Then, I look at my amazing step kids & husband. I feel so blessed for my family. Then I look at our family goals for this year, which is top secret information as of now, and think, “Yikes! We are really going to make this happen!”. Not that you’ll be so suspenseful on these family goals but hopefully you’ll know soon what that looks like…

Today I am so grateful to have a slow day. I’m getting caught up on paying company taxes, filing quarterly reports and marketing items. I am also so completely grateful to have been so busy so far this year but not too busy where I forget to count & value the blessings that God is sending my way.



Art Williams: (The best motivational speech ever)


LL Cool J: (Does this need an explanation?)


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