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A Green Evolution

A Green Evolution


I have thought about blogging about 15 times since my last post.  Unfortunately, I got so busy that each time I was pulled away from my thoughts.  So, here I am, a time later.  I feel like I should update you about my “green” evolution since my last blog post.

After I calmed down, which was about three days later, I made a list of all the items I wanted to replace.  The frugal side of me, having just gone to the grocery store the day I read that article, didn’t want to just toss all of the new products I had purchased.  So, my husband and I decided to make a conscious effort to replace things with “green” ones as we ran out of them.

My suspicions were correct that everything “green” is significantly more expensive than the bargain brands we had become accustomed to purchasing.  I will tell you that a lot of products being touted as “green” are not green by my standards (which developed from my reading online).  The most helpful rule I have come by is to ensure it’s not made with any parabens or fragrance.

As a start we changed our: all-surface cleaner, dish soap, hand soap and lotion.  We have switched our sugar free lemonade mix to all natural apple juice.  We now start with one apple juice and all subsequent drinks are water.  This was a surprisingly easy transition for my 4 and 5 year old.  We didn’t transition to bar soap but we are using a fragrance free, hand soap without any antibacterial.  It is my goal to eventually rid ourselves of dye but that seems overwhelming still so it’s still a goal at this point. We did also switch to only real butter and sugar.  We are working on getting some “green” cookware since that’s something we use on a daily basis.

Much to my friends’ dismay, I have shared this information with them.  Being from the South and talking bad about Scentsy is a crime (I got a few “Bless her heart” looks!).  I do love Scentsy but I just can’t justify it’s delicious fragrance with knowing it’s ingredients are a known carcinogen.

What this whole fiasco has made me realize is that going “green” is very difficult.  Especially as a working Mom, housekeeper, wife, cook and pet caretaker.  I visited quite a few sites that offered strictly green products but I couldn’t justify the prices against our monthly budget.  I did find though and I love it.  I will be ordering the essentials family pack which will mail me my choice of completely green products each month.  I’m ordering things like shampoo, conditioner, hand soap, laundry soap, soy candles from here.  The prices (besides the candle) are comparable to what we spend now on these items so I feel good about it.  The shipping is a reasonable $5 which is fine with me.

All in all, I calmed down.  I realized I have to start somewhere and became conscious & educated.  From here on out I will make better, “green” choices.



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